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It’s not just a box. It’s a, Ducky. Why is it a Ducky? A Ducky symbolizes happiness, friendliness, resiliency, and it is strong in quality. A Ducky is something that brings a warm feeling of family & fun memories of childhood. Unfortunately, much of the pain of moving is saying goodbye to memories we go through with all of the things we’ve accumulated. It sparks nostalgia. It sparks emotions, it sparks a keep-sake and we want our items safely protected.


We don’t give you boxes. We give you Ducky’s. Because we care for your memories, your life, and your family. Our environment is our resource and Ducky’s are the answer. Our sanitized ergonomically designed sustainable recyclable already attached lid boxes, that are safe for the environment without adding extra waste to landfills, or the additional planting of trees. Each filled Ducky deserves the care needed to protect your belongings. Because it is the contents of the Ducky that is important. Our logo on each box serves as a reminder: we care for your contents because “Delivering Useful Containers Kwick-ly Yourself“, always results in a strong & resilient secure stress-free move!






Duckies are easy to move. Having too wide of a ducky would lead to strain of various muscles. Each Ducky is made to use your whole body; arms, back, legs, and chest. This makes moving that much easier. Two sizes allow you to make use of all of the space in the Full Size Ducky with heavy items, while the Large Ducky gives you the ability to stuff it with lighter weight items. We keep it simple to make your move simple. Some specs are as follows: 

  • 45 Pound Max Load

  • Stackable to 5 duckies or 150 pounds

  • Dolly Capacity: 400 pounds

Ducky Dolly

Okay, we admit it. We don't have any cute name for our dollies. It simply helps move the duckies. What helps move duckies? Well, bread certainly gets a duck to move quickly. But, we aren't naming our dollies, "bread". 

ANYWAY... Our dollies are made to make the moving of each ducky easy, ergonomic, and quick. Handholds on all 4 sides allow the ability to lift when needed. We give you multiple in each order just in case of stairs or any other obstacle that the dolly can't get over. We help you get your ducks in a row! (Was that cute enough?)

Ducky Dolly.png

Duckybox Brand

Duckybox Brand is the private labeling arm of Ducky Box.  We source the very best products of highest quality that you, our customers would expect from a tried and true resilient rubber ducky. In the end we want you our customer to be happy with the quality provided when you make the investment in your move.  Duckybox Brand sells and rents products to various businesses.  

Duck Pack & Track

This is a highly recommend piece of equipment in your move. We use the Duck Pack & Track™. This is a label that is encrypted just for you (and us!). You'll receive a label per box that you can use the Duck Pack & Track™ app, speak the contents of the Ducky, and inventory everything you are packing/storing. It allows us easy management of your inventory when you store with us. Upon confirmation of your order, you will receive a how-to guide (super easy) to label each of your duckies without broadcasting to the world what is in it.


*Duck Pack & Track™, despite it's name, is not associated with Ducky Box and is a trademark of Shurtech Brands, LLC.


Packing Supplies

We carry a range of Duck Brand packing supplies to help keep all of your possessions safe inside your Ducky. Though we don't have any affiliation with this brand, we are proud to carry their amazing products. On check out, take a look at what you need and we will bring it along with us!

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