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Okay, we get it. Ducky's are full and they are all over the place. Now you need them gone to the next location. The Ducky Box Delivery Service is just that. A service that will move your Ducky's from point A to point B. Yes it is that easy. In fact, we have a saying, Ducky Box will make your move "Quick & Easy" and always Stress-Free"! 

How does the delivery service work:

Step 1: Order delivery service

What the Duck! Ducky Box Delivery Service is just that, we deliver the filled Ducky's to your next location. How to order the delivery service you ask? Easy, first, relax and breath because we have you covered. Second, select the Ducky package that you want us to deliver to your door. Then select any other supplies and tools you may need for your move. Finally, select the delivery service package needed and Quack! you are done. Now either wait for a quack from our friendly customer service duck or simply add the information in the notes section, let us know when you want us to pick up and deliver your filled Ducky's! That is it!

Step 2: Ducky staff picks up ducky's, drives to next location

The day you have scheduled for the Ducky's to be delivered you will receive a text/ call letting you know when one of our Ducky Team Members (DTM) will be on the way to pick up your filled Ducky's. Remember to use only the DuckyBox Brand Zip Ties. I know, why you ask? We try and keep things simple and secure. we want to make sure your belongings stay in your Ducky. A DTM will take pictures of all your ducks before loading into the Ducky Van. The DTL will load, stack, and secure your filled Ducky's in the Ducky Van and prepare them for the move to the next location. Your signature will be needed making sure we have an accurate count and that all the Ducky's are accounted for. Ducky Team Member turns on his Ducky music and heads off to the lake! No, just messing with you, we drive directly to the location in our notes to deliver these little fellas. Once the DTM arrives and shakes off after a long waddle. The DTM will unload your filled Ducky's through the entrance provided. 

Step 3: Ducky Staff unloads Ducky's

Move Out Of The Way!!! Ducky's have arrived and need to get inside! Our dedicated DTM will meet with you and unload your Ducky's through the entrance provided. Our Ducky Team Members are under strict regulations and can only unload at the entrance, they will not be allowed to walk around your lovely place with the labeled Ducky for its placement. Once all your Duck's have been unloaded, our DTM will count and take pictures of the Ducky's. 

Step 4: Ducky Delivery service is complete

Start Quackin' or unpackin' because you have officially moved in! All that will be needed at this point will be a signature stating everything has been delivered. By this point, your Ducky Box experience will be coming to an end soon. But, not so fast and take your time. Just give us a Quack or a call to let us know when you have unpacked your belongings and want one of our DTM to pick up your order. 

No next step

Just remember to call us and let us know when you want us to pick up your empty Ducky's. 

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