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Listen, we totally get it. You've got a ton of stuff that you want to throw into a self storage unit. But, then you need to enter into a long contract, haul all of your stuff there, unload it, set up mouse traps, and make sure you pay monthly so that Dave Hester doesn't say, "YUUUuuup", on your unit. It sucks. We've got a better way to do things:

STEP ONE: Order Your Duckies!

STEP TWO: Fill Your Duckies!

STEP THREE: We Pick Up Your Duckies

STEP FOUR: We Store Your Duckies

Price: $5/1st week + $.25 each additional week*


The Fine Print

There really isn't much fine print. It really is that much for the first week and $.25 for each additional week after that... Per box! There are no minimum amount of weeks. You can retrieve any of your boxes at any time. You will receive a QR code for inventory and it's really that easy. Standard delivery and pick up charges apply. Get as little as one (1) box, or as many as you'd like. No, really, you can get just one box. But, we will recommend getting more! Read all of our terms and conditions to know more. 

*College storage rates will be slightly different when storing boxes between semesters. 

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