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privacy policy

We know privacy is important to you. We have many friends and clients that are very famous. Fortunately for them, we have this privacy policy. So, outlined herein are the principles of how we use your personal information. By using Ducky Box (the website and any apps) you're agreeing to our Privacy Principles.

princple 1: we ask only for what we need

Ducky Box obtains information from you in a variety of ways. Straight from the website, through our 3rd party platforms we use, or simply by asking you. This may include your phone number, address, and even credit card information.

The reason we ask for this information is because we deem it necessary either now or in the future. After all, if we are delivering Ducky Boxes to you, we need your address. We will also need your email for communication. We are providing a service to you, so we’d like to be paid for our services, so we ask for a credit card. Make sense? However, we only collect what we think we will need now or in the future. The way you know that we have your information is that either you’ve given it to us or you’ve authorized someone else to give it to us. You will know exactly what we have.

We also use Google Analytics. What does this mean to you? Well, we want to know more about our visitors to our website. We want to find out how you got here. Was it by searching? Clicking on a link? This helps us better our services and target our customers with the best efficiency possible (we don’t want to overcharge you for marketing. Think; your high end t-shirt that costs $200. It’s all marketing!). This may include IP addresses, ISP, internet browser type, and any other information we can obtain. This is all anonymized and we don’t know it is YOU, but we know it is someone.

Generally speaking, we are collecting data to make a better business for you and all of our clients.

principle 2: sharing of data

Don’t worry – We aren’t a well-known social media platform. We aren’t in the business to share your likes and interests. The only reason we will ever share any of your information to a 3rd party is if it is to allow us to service you in some capacity, as required by law, or in our best judgement for whatever situation arises. We work with a variety of different 3rd parties including; delivery drivers, payment platforms, and much more. There may be some weird circumstances that call for us to share your information. For example; potential threats to human life, public health or safety, danger to physical property, or other unforeseen circumstances. We aren’t all knowing, so there may be many other reasons. However, we are not going to bastardize this principle and take advantage of your information. But, we are laying a blanket saying that if it is necessary, now or in the future, we will. Again, we aren’t making money off of your information – We are in the business to supply moving box rentals and storage.  

Though we may share your information with 3rd parties for the aforementioned reasons, we assure you: We will not allow them to use your information in any capacity that we wouldn’t. We use encryption wherever possible. The QR codes that you use on your boxes (bought from or provided by Ducky Box) are encrypted so no one can see what is in the contents of your box other than you or us.

If we sell Ducky Box (the company) or the assets of Ducky Box, or if we merge with another company, or if we go bankrupt, that transaction generally involves the sale of customer information. Under those circumstances, the acquirer of Ducky Box (or Ducky Box's assets) will be bound by these Principles.

If for whatever reason we would share information about you with third parties in a way that we do not think is covered by this Principle, we will notify you in advance and give you a reasonable opportunity to say no.

principle 3: no unfair surprise

Okay, this is simply a legal word. But, we want to make it as crystal clear as possible. All of the rules of using Ducky Box are posted on our website. These Principles and our Terms of Service are written to be as clear as possible. We write them in a plain speak way (not a bunch of legal jargon). But, if you are still in doubt of anything, ask us. Your use of Ducky Box will be governed by these Principles and our Terms. (There you go, that is a legal way of saying something!). There are many legal terms in all of this – Please read through it and understand it. It is written this way for a variety of reasons, but mainly it is written this way in case we have a dispute. We sincerely hope we don’t, but if there is – Then, we have our basis for saying, “we told you”.

There may be a time where we need to update our Privacy Principles and/or Terms of Service. The copy of the Principles in place at the time we use a given piece of information is what controls this doctrine. All this is saying is that the most recent version is what is governed. If we change the Principles, we'll let you know by whatever your preferences are.

By using Ducky Box, you agree that we can send you important notices by email and by posting them to our site, and that if there is a legal requirement that something be given to you in writing, our electronic communication (be it on our site or via email) meets that requirement.

still feel uneasy?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please send us a detailed message at We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

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