Pricing List

These are just some of the prices for various things that you'll encounter when renting/storing from Ducky Box. This list is not exhaustive and subject to change at any time. 

Rental Charges

The base amount for one (1) Ducky Box is $4 for the first week and $1 for each additional week. It is cheaper to rent in a package! If you need additional Ducky Boxes from the package, the rates will be charged at this rate.

storage charges

The Residential & Commercial Ducky Box Storage Charge is exactly what it says for the pricing. As of July 2018, the storage is $5 for the first (1st) week and $.25/week thereafter. 

Ducky Dolly's

Dollies come with the packages. However, if you need an individual dolly, the standard rate is $5 for the first (1st) week and $1 a week thereafter. If you would like to purchase a dolly, the charge is $35

Drop off/delivery/ pick-up

For Ducky Box Rentals (When scheduled with more than 7 days advanced notice*):​​

  • Within 40 miles (calculated by Google Maps) from a dealership: Free with a job worth $50+. Otherwise, $25.

  • 41 - 80 miles: $20-40

  • 81 miles +: $40 + $2 per mile (Let's quack about this, we always want to make our customers happy, call us with your story!)

  • Note: Actual charges may vary at time of delivery. You will be responsible for figuring out the actual amount

Using Ducky Box Storage for storing needs (When scheduled with more than 7 days advanced notice) when picking up or dropping off ducky boxes:

  • Within 25 miles (calculated by Google Maps) from a dealership: $25 plus $1.00 per box

  • 26 - 40 miles: $50 plus $1.00 per box

  • 41 miles +: $60 + $2 per mile (if outside of 80 mile area) plus $1.00 per box

  • $10 per day extra within 7 days. As an example, If you have 6 days until your delivery/pick up and you live 21 miles away, it will be $70 ($60+$10). 

  • Note: Actual charges may vary at time of delivery. You will be responsible for figuring out the actual amount 

various fees

  • Waiting Fee: $2/minute if you are not outside within a 5 minute time frame from arrival as determined by our driver

  • Rush Delivery: Variable depending on how busy we are and location of our delivery drivers

  • Stair/Obstacle Fee: $20/flight of 10 stairs or less. Each flight is 10 stairs. Obstacles are determined at time of delivery. It's best to ensure there are no obstacles or you simply take delivery at your front door

  • Out of Area fee: If you are more than 150 miles, we charge a one time $500 moving fee plus $45/man hour. We aren't movers

  • Purchase of new Ducky Box: 

    • Full Size: $29.95​

    • Large: $34.95​​

  • Lost/Damaged item: Actual amount of retail value as described herein​, damage to logo and/or print will result in the replacement cost per item. Damage to box in form of crack in plastic box, broken or cracked lid will result in replacement cost to each item

  • Cancellation/reschedule fee: $100

  • Change fee: $50 - This is for a last minute address change or something similar that impedes our flow of deliveries for the day

  • Late appointment showing: $2/minute (after 5 minutes incurs a waiting charge as well)

  • Excessive cleaning fee: $5/Ducky Box - We expect you to keep the Duckies under normal wear and use. If there is excessive cleaning needed, you'll be charged for such. This includes, but isn't limited to: Excessive glue from unapproved tape & labels (damage to box ink in form of logo or print see damaged item above), mud, excess dirt, tar, oil, bodily fluids, soap, peanut butter, and other things that may or may not be a part of the Ducky Box

Ducky Delivery Services $5 $4 $3 $2 Per box

Ducky Delivery Service is just what it is. A service offered in the event that you want Ducky Box to move ONLY the filled Ducky's from point A to Point B. This delivery service does require the use of Duckybox Brand of Zip-Ties. These Zip Ties can be ordered in the supplies section and will be secured to the Ducky Box by the renter prior moving to next location. Ducky Box is not responsible for items in the box, you the renter are responsible for securing the items inside of the Ducky Box. Ducky Box Delivery Service selection is purely a labor service provider that will be moving the closed and secured box from one location to another and not responsible for the internal content.

  • Prices reflect in city move

  • Notification of any obstacle or stairs. Additional fee could be applied

  • Includes pickup from point A to drop-off at Point B

  • Pickup and drop-off will take place at entrance of location

  • See FAQ for full details

PRICING (Box/Dolly):

  • College/ Dorm Package (15/1), Delivery Service Fee: $74.00

  • Studio Package (30/2), Delivery Service Fee: $149.00

  • One Bedroom Package (45/3), Delivery Service Fee: $199.00

  • Two Bedroom Package (75/4), Delivery Service Fee: $299.00

  • Three Bedroom Package (95/6), Delivery Service Fee: $295.00

  • Four Bedroom Package (120/8), Delivery Service Fee: $359.00

  • Five Bedroom Package (150/10), Delivery Service Fee: $349.00

Other fees

We reserve the right to assess other fees as needed. Please understand we are reasonable and don't go around assessing fees. But, we also don't want you to use the Ducky Box as a pond skimmer and expect us to clean off the mud and patch cracks that were caused by inappropriate use. These are moving box rentals, not pond skimming sleds (Though, that would be super cool to see).