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standard pricing

This document outlines the Standard Pricing for new Ducky Box customers and is a direct extension of the Ducky Box Terms of Service. Ducky Box reserves the right to offer promotional pricing to any customers at any time and to change the Standard Pricing for new customers.

moving box rental rates

Ducky Box moving box rental rates are agreed upon at the time of booking. You are paying for the first week up front and is as indicated on booking and is expressly stated in your invoice, text, and/or any other means of communication you receive. In booking, you agree that the first payment will be paid at the time of delivery of the Ducky Boxes and will be charged the weekly rate, per box, as described in your contract. The weekly charge will occur on the following Thursday after delivery of your Ducky Boxes.

storage rates

Your Ducky Box storage rate that was agreed on is exactly what it will be for eternity. Unless you add a new Ducky Box, the price remains the same. New Ducky Boxes will be charged at the prevailing rate. For example, though you may get your Ducky Box storage for $10 for the first week and $2 for each additional week, we may increase prices to $20 for the first week and $5 for each additional week. Your rate will be what you first agreed on, but if you want a new Ducky Box, you will pay the new rate for that one Ducky Box. You won’t be surprised by a new bill 5 years from now if you maintain the Ducky Boxes you originally rented. However, if you store one (1) Ducky Box and ask for it back, you will receive your contents, but then you will pay for the prevailing rate if you wish to get a new Ducky Box. The rates will be charged for a FIFO (First In First Out) order. Requesting your Ducky Box back is implied that you are terminating the agreement for that Ducky. Only Storage is charged on a per Ducky Box rate. All others are based on what is agreed to.

storage plan

Your Storage plan is very easy. We charge per Ducky Box you use. We highly encourage you to order as many Ducky Boxes as possible to spread the average of a delivery fee over many Duckies. However, we have no minimums nor minimum rental periods. But, it is in your best interest to rent as many Ducky Boxes for as long as possible to, “Dollar Cost Average”, the amount you are paying.

Storage Plans must be paid at the beginning of each week of storage, on the Thursday following the 1st date of accepting a Ducky Box. This means that you are paying for storage from the moment you get your Ducky Box. Upon delivery, you will pay the 1st week’s rent. Note: It is best to have your Ducky Box delivered on a Friday to make use of the full week, as you will be charged for your 2nd week on the follow Thursday. This means if you take delivery on Wednesday, you will be charged the 1st week, and then the next day charged for your 2nd week. We aren’t double charging you – We are telling you (both in the terms and here) that this is our policy. This makes sense because we are charging you weekly, so you can save on a full month’s rent. Your Storage Plan is not refundable (even partially) if you cancel your account mid-week.

We only accept Ducky Boxes for storage. If you use your own boxes, regardless of type, we will not accept them. Sorry, but this is our policy. You aren’t just storing with us, but renting Ducky Boxes. We don’t want cardboard in our warehouse! It attracts bugs.


We provide free on-site estimates, if needed. Simply give us a call, email, text and ask us to come check out what you want to move/store with us. We will make a best guess determination of how many Duckies you will need. Note, we are not responsible for an incorrect guess. If you receive more or less than the estimated amount, you are still responsible for the addition or payment of the excess.

We will only accept Ducky Boxes for storage purposes. We will require you to either pick the Ducky Boxes up or have us drop them off. You will need to schedule a time/date for the Ducky Boxes to be dropped off and picked up, or a time for you to pick them up from our warehouse and/or drop them off at our warehouse. This will all be done via our 3rd party app, by phone, email or other means of communication.

pick ups

Depending on which service you are requesting, there will be a Delivery/Pick up fee and by how much. The drop off and pick up fees are based on where we are picking them up/dropping them off. This is dictated by mileage away from a Ducky Box dealership.

It is important to be accurate and honest when booking your pickup/delivery as we base the fee on the distance from the dealership. We will assess this upon delivery/pickup and adjust accordingly. When we arrive for your pick up, our team will confirm the estimate into a formal quote, or will revise the estimate to take into account anything you may have overlooked.

We strongly recommend to have a clear path ready for us to delivery your Ducky Boxes and to have all of your Ducky Boxes packed up and ready for pick up, should you have that service. Also, please ensure all Duckies are emptied, as there is no partial order. Your Ducky Box moving box rental order is 100% complete when all Ducky Boxes are returned to us. Minimize fees by being 100% prepared. If there are questions, please ask.

qr inventory & photographs

For storage, we include a set of QR codes that equal to 1 label per Ducky Box. This label is specific to YOU. You will use our 3rd party app to document exactly what is in the box. You will need to include description, pictures, and anything else you’d like to add. You will then share the login information for your account so that we can adequately maintain your inventory within our warehouse. This is an encrypted system that only allows you and us the ability to know what is inside your Ducky Box. You will also have zip ties to ensure the safety of your contents that will lock your container and will be tamper proof evidence that your Ducky has been secured.

For moving box rentals, all of this can be added. You can purchase the QR labels and zip ties directly from us.


A normal delivery of Ducky Boxes within a service area is the same regardless of how many Ducky Boxes you receive. The price is dictated where your delivery is located and based on the amount of time advance notice you give us.

Generally speaking, our delivery charges are based on where your delivery is located, the time between when you make the reservation and the delivery is to happen, and the number of appointments we have that day. We make this determination on the day the appointment is scheduled and may vary.

We can deliver outside of our service area, but it will incur additional fees as outlined in our fee schedule. The fees are determined by the delivery driver we use or by the number of hours and miles away from our dealership.

Deliveries will need to have a 48 hour window prior to booking. Having a rush booking is available, but will be an additional charge.

Deliveries within our Service Area are on a first-come first-served basis. Ducky Box cannot guarantee availability of standard pricing for specific delivery windows. Ducky Box will take commercially reasonable efforts to honor requests for “rush deliveries” when there are no delivery windows left in the Service Area in the following 72 hours. Please contact us to make this request. Rush delivery requests may come with an additional charge, but any such charges would be mutually agreed upon by you and Ducky Box prior to any delivery. Ducky Box may contract with 3rd parties in order to complete a rush delivery. If you agree to the use of a 3rd party when Ducky Box is otherwise unable to complete a rush delivery, Ducky Box shall not be liable to you for any failures by that 3rd party. (i.e. you agree to hold Ducky Box harmless for performance and handling by that 3rd party).

deliveries to new addresses

Using Ducky Box as a de facto moving company is fine. However, we charge the standard rates for storage and box rental. We will pick up only Ducky Boxes and store them as needed. Upon your request, we will then deliver them to a new address, given the fees that may be necessary for anything out of the Service Area. However, we are set up to be less cost effective than a moving company when used in this manner. So, we would strongly urge you to rent the Ducky Boxes and hire a moving company.

fees and taxes

We charge fees and taxes where applicable due to the nature of our business. We ensure we don’t charge excessive amounts of fees, but we do charge accordingly with the services provided. Taxes are also collected when mandated by local, state or federal taxing authorities. Specifically on the sale of Ducky Boxes, we will charge a sales tax.

cancellations and reschedules

If you cancel within 48 hours, last minute, or just simply don’t show up on the delivery of your Ducky Boxes, this will trigger an automatic $100 fee. Really, it isn’t fair to us running our business and scheduling deliveries in a logical manner to have you take up someone else’s spot. Moreover, we are paying our people, gas, expenses for the truck, and tying up your Ducky Boxes for you – And it is a lot of work and money to restock everything. So, we have this fee to ensure you don’t ditch us.

If there is a “Same Day” appointment made, cancellations made any time after that reservation is made and confirmed will also be charged a $100 cancellation fee, regardless of reason.

delinquent payments

We keep a credit or debit card on file, whether it is us or a 3rd party, so you don’t need to remember to pay us each week. If your card cannot be charged for any reason, we will immediately reach out to you to let you know. If your stuff is in storage, we will follow our terms for remedies to obtain our payment. If you have possession of the Ducky Boxes and we aren’t able to get payment… We will figure out a way to collect. Uncle Vinny is just a phone call away. Seriously, just pay us. We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

supply return fee

If you are renting our Ducky Boxes, your payment will continue until 100% of the rental boxes are returned. If there are any missing Ducky Boxes, you will be charged the retail amount for the Ducky Box (found in our pricing list). If you are renting Ducky Boxes and haven’t communicated with us for 30-days after the initial receipt of your Ducky Boxes, we will assume you want to purchase them and charge your credit card for the retail amount. By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you authorize us to charge your credit card for the full amount of full, partial, or otherwise missing Ducky Boxes after 30-days of non-communication. Remember, you are supposed to read and understand our Terms of Service. This isn’t social media where you scroll down and accept. We really want you to understand everything!

If you are using a Ducky Box for storage, the same terms apply, except you do not need to continuously keep in contact with us once the Ducky Boxes are in our possession and storage. If you have received your Ducky Boxes to fill, but haven’t returned them for storage, we will try and communicate with you about your intention. If you want to use the Ducky Boxes for storage through your own warehouse (or other means), that is fine. But, we need to know this. Standard weekly charges apply.

disposal fee

If you no longer want your contents in the Ducky Box, please reach out to us and let us know. We may charge a disposal fee, depending on what the contents are.

sales tax

Some of our services will require sales tax. How does it work? We have accountants to figure that out – But, the lucky thing is that we also have an app that allows us to collect sales tax in the jurisdiction we operate in. So, if it turns out we need to charge sales tax, we will let you know and it’ll be its own separate line item on your invoice. If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

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