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storage rules

Okay, we have rules. But, let's just be as transparent as possible;  when in doubt, ask! That is all. If you have the policy of it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission... Well, that isn't a good policy to have. We don't forgive because we are pretty black and white with our rules, terms, etc. 

rule 1: don't be a pain

Don’t be a pain in the butt. We are all human, we are trying to make things work. But, if you are simply trying to make our life harder than it should be, we will simply not work with you (see terms and conditions). Let’s be reasonable in our rental and storage abilities. Will we try to accommodate you? Yes. But, we are also humans – We deserve a certain amount of respect, including; our drivers, employees, warehouse guys, admins, owners, and even the cleaning crew. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason that is available by law.

rule 2: Communicate

Communication is key. If you want to do something, ask us. We aren’t all knowing and all powerful. We certainly aren’t perfect. So if there is something you want to do, but we haven’t covered it – Just ask us. We will help you! Moreover, there are Terms in place to ensure you are communicative in a 30-day period. If you go silent for 30-days, you are more than likely buying some Ducky Boxes.

rule 3: packing

Pack like you love your stuff. If you are packing up glass, don’t just throw it in the Ducky Box. Use your head when packing and think, these items will be moved, jostled, etc. You will be responsible for packing your items. We have bubble wrap and packing materials you can purchase from us – But newspaper works along with anything else you can think of that pads items. A tip: If you use your home towels for your items, it adds great protection at the cost of doing your laundry. If you are storing with us, we only take what is properly fitted into a Ducky Box. We will not take any box that is over filled or not appropriately sealed and packed. To put it another way; your Ducky Box must be able to close and seal appropriately in the way it was intended. If you are moving on your own – Make sure the lid can close nicely.

rule 4: fragile items

If you are storing with us - No Fragile Items: Okay, so you want to store your great great grandmother’s fine dining set. We strongly urge you not to. Why? Because, though we take great care in your items, we can’t guarantee its safety. Read our terms for the full outline. Basically, you release us from all liability from anything that breaks.

rule 5: nothing illegal

Nothing illegal. No, really, nothing. Yes, this is California and marijuana is legal. But, federally it is not. We abide by all federal and state regulations for storage. So, here is a short list of things we will not, under any circumstances, store with us:

  • Guns, explosives, fireworks, and anything flammable

  • Nothing alive or was alive. No animals, skins, heads, fruits, foods of any kind, etc.

  • Nothing that is or was edible, regardless if it is perishable or non-perishable.

  • No drugs, paraphernalia or anything that has to do with drugs.

  • Anything that is illegal, stolen property, or anything that a cop will arrest you for if it is in your possession

  • Anything that is corrosive, liquid, leaks, oozes, toxic, smells, or anything that would otherwise go outside of the Ducky Box, whether it be intentional or unintentional. We can’t have your Ducky Box growing or damaging other Ducky Boxes.

If you aren’t sure if your item will be allowed, please ask. Don’t assume your great great grandmother’s ashes will go well with her fine dining set. Trust us… it won’t.

rule 6: Pay on time

Please pay on time. We will be billing your credit card every week. If you change your credit card number, it is up to you to let us know. Please don’t let your account go past due. It just makes things messy and not very fun for all of us.

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