5 moves in 7 years, with 4 kids...chaos!  We realized in all our moves that we lost items, broke items, boxes got wet, collapsed and crushed or fell over in transport, tape that did not hold the boxes long term and bottoms that fell out. If our items weren't ruined by flooding, the sun ruined our other belongings that were stored in portable containers. We said, there has to be something better. As we were moving along in life getting back on our feet. All seems to be going well, then I get downsized from my job in corporate America! The creation of Ducky Box was started.

We believe there is a better way to move that is more durable and easier than the traditional way of throwing a move together. By offering better products, better systems, better technology, and most of all better items for the environment for short-term use.

Why buy or use used boxes that have lost integrity and become weak, needs tape, does not have lids, and are expensive? Why buy anything when it can be rented and picked up for less than buying cardboard. Save the trees, save the landfill, save the hassle in getting rid of boxes when your move is over, or your safety when picking up free boxes from a online post. Versus, in a Ducky that is all secured in strong sustainable already attached-lid boxes. 

The concept is simple, provide a rent-able free delivery service for all things needed to move residential & commercial with less hassle than using cardboard for those DIY movers. As we continue to grow, we are now offering storage options, college moves & between semester storage, moving supplies, labor  for moving our boxes from location to location, staging & decluttering options.

"Delivering Useful Containers Kwick-ly Yourself"