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Frequently asked questions 

Why Ducky Box? Short answer is simply, why not? We are based in Downtown Los Angeles and want to accomplish a few things; Reduce the amount of garbage created by moving, save people money, time, and the physical stresses when moving, and Reduce the amount of stress that occurs during a move. So, I guess we are trying to make the world a better place with reusable boxes! We strive to give you the best customer service experience possible with the best quality product possible

Is Ducky Box Competitive on Price? Let us do the hard work for you. We know our competition, we know their prices and we know ours. Are we the cheapest out there? No. But, we put a price on outstanding customer service. Our smiling drivers will meet you at your door, treat you with respect, and have the best attitudes. Our duckies will always be delivered clean and organized. The pick up process will be smooth and easy. You will always know where your driver is while he is en route. If you are price shopping, we are happy to refer you to cheap boxes (craigslist) or other competition that serves your area.

What kind of "hidden" charges are there? No, there aren't hidden charges. You just found the charges. Well, they are also outlined in our Terms and Standard Pricing. But, here are some charges you will experience, depending on service; Delivery fee, pick up fee, broken Ducky fee, broken dolly fee, broken "other" equipment fee, waiting fee, on site fee, pulling fee, out of area fee, mileage fee, heavy item fee, and other unforeseen fees that we, respectfully, hold the right to charge, within reason. Why? Because we can't predict what people will do. Fill the ducky with radioactive material? Yup, you are buying the ducky. Use a sharpee to write the contents on the side? Yeah, you are going to buy that one as well. We are reasonable people and want to do honest business, but we can't possibly foresee the craziness of what people will do. But, these are just examples - We don't charge all of these fees.

Are Duckies Clean? C'mon. You think we wouldn't clean our duckies? Like a mama duck, we always clean our duckies after each rental period. If you get a dirty ducky, we will be happy to clean it on the spot.

What if I am out of the area? Well, we are happy to provide duckies. But, there will be a mileage charge that is out of the area. We are rapidly expanding and hope to get to your new area soon. However, we will charge accordingly for delivery/pickup if you are out of the area. Though, there is a discount if one or the other is within our radius. Don't worry, we'll work with you.

How does delivery work? Oh, it is simple. You will schedule your delivery for a specific date and time frame. You'll receive reminders about your order prior to delivery. Once your order is on the road, our driver will alert you that your shipment is on the way. The alert will include real time monitoring where your order is, similar to an Uber. Once arrived, the driver will drop off your order at your garage or front door. (A hidden fee) If there are stairs or additional delivery requests more than outside of a garage or front door, there will be a charge.

Do I need to be there for delivery? Yes! We need you to have your credit card present (we don't want fraud!) and sign for receiving your order. It's kind of like your Amazon order - We need to make sure you actually received it. This is how. Plus - If you are a happy Drake (Another name for a duck), we'd love to get your picture with your order! 

How about storage services, how does that work? We will help in storing your items. Our driver will deliver the number of duckies you've requested. When you are ready and all loaded up, our driver will return and collect your duckies for storage. We will store your duckies in our highly secured warehouse. If you need a ducky, all you have to do is contact us and let us know which box you need and when you need it. Do you need multiple, no problem. We do charge delivery and pickup charges for storage.

How does payment work? When you place your order, you will enter in all of your information into our system. Upon delivery of your boxes, you will sign for receiving them. At that time, your credit card will be charged specifically for what was delivered and any other services/products requested. Your 1st week is due upon receipt of the Duckies. Your credit card will be on file for incidentals and additional charges as needed. Just a hint: Schedule your drop off for a Friday, as the following Thursday is when we bill for the 2nd week. It's all in the Terms.

What if I want to keep my ducky? Keep it! But, let us know which ones you want to keep. You will be charged the ducky purchase rate. Believe it or not, we do retail duckies as well. Check out our list of products you can buy. This is also the price you'll pay if it gets destroyed :(

What happens if I need the Duckies longer? Just give us a heads up. It really isn't a problem, but we don't want to send a driver out to your place and you say, "hey, come back". That would be an extra charge to come back, as we already went once! Just be communicative with us.

I need more boxes. What do I do? Hey, they're duckies! If it packs like a duck, looks like a duck - It is a ducky! Haha. Okay, if you need more, please let us know how many. We encourage you to estimate how much stuff you have (only you know this) and plan accordingly. Sure, we estimate based on square footage. But, if you have seen some houses, there are pack rats out there. If you are one of them, think about upsizing. If you need us to come back out, there will be an extra delivery charge.

I OVER estimated and have too many Duckies. Can I get my money back? Like needing more boxes, we expect you to estimate as best as you can. Will it be perfect? Probably not. But, we've delivered them and you now have them. Make the best use of the extra duckies. Perhaps you can use them to lighten up others? Perhaps you have a newborn baby and need to give them a bath. There are many uses for duckies other than moving and storage. Just abide by the rules.

Will you move the Ducky Boxes and other items to the new address? Yes and no. We have a delivery option that can be selected as a service to move the filled Ducky Boxes from point A to point B as long as you purchase and secure the DuckyBox Brand Zip Ties before the move. However, because of insurance and liability at this time. Our full-service moving option offering is just not ready yet and we will be only able to move our Ducky's ONLY. We have partners if you need that we can recommend to help you move.

Does Ducky Box pack and unpack the boxes? Our full-service moving option offering is just not ready yet. However, we have partners that we call if you are looking for this option. Let us know if you need help packing our boxes, we can recommend the help you need.

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