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Need to clean up? Get organized? Becoming a minimalist? Staging? or simply need to Declutter? Friends, family, guest, having a party, selling, creating an image of how you want others to see you? You realize you are a bit of a mess, need to tighten up and move your stuff out to the Garage or attic! Do not Stress! This project is easy! With this package, you get enough boxes to make your move a simplest dream. Grab a cold one and watch the Ducky's work! 

10 Total Duckies

  • 10 Large Duckies
  • 10 Identification Cards
  • 10 Personalized Security Numbered Zip Ties 
  • 1 Dolly
  • 30 Cubic Square Feet of Storage!
  • Free Delivery*

$55/1st Week

 $.50 per ducky for additional weeks

Card in Box.jpg

Image Not Indicative of Actual Order. You Get More!

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