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Having been a part of many corporate moves in our working life, we know how much this sucks. You've got a ton of employees and need to get them from point A to B... Or you have a ton of files that you are looking to store (see storage). Either way, we've got you covered. Our corporate solution for businesses with large numbers of employees is something we can handle. Contact us with additional questions or check out what the corporate package includes below.

220 Total Duckies

  • 60 Large Duckies
  • 160 Full Size Duckies
  • 30 Dollies
  • QR Labels Included
  • 475 Cubic Square Feet of Storage!
  • Free Delivery*

$687/1st Week

+ $.72/ducky for additional week

Image Not Indicative of Actual Order. You Get More!

*Free Delivery Within 15 miles of Downtown Los Angeles

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