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Okay, this is the coverall for business and more. If you are looking for storage boxes, whether it is on a massive scale or simply for your event, we've got your back! This is a package for 300 of our signature duckies, but we can create a customized order for you. Are you putting on the next Burning Man festival and need 500 duckies for your 500 entry points across a city that sprang up overnight? Yeah, we can do that. You can contact us with further questions and how we can customize something right for you!

  • 80 Large Duckies
  • 220 Full Size Duckies
  • 40 Dollies
  • QR Labels Included
  • 640 Cubic Square Feet of Storage!
  • Free Delivery*

300 Total Duckies

$934/1st Week

+ $.72/ducky for additional week

Image Not Indicative of Actual Order. You Get More!

*Free Delivery Within 15 miles of Downtown Los Angeles

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